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Overview 2013

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(25 January 2013)

A Brief Overview Of VXLAN

If I’m reading >>this right:

The “vxlan” is the equivalent of associating an edge port with a VLAN (or VLANs), tagging those packets with a custom header which are effectively tunneled through an otherwise-flat layer three network (ie a single VLAN) to other VXLAN-aware hosts.

The advantage is that the VXLAN configuration is associated with the VM nic, meaning the VM can be vMotioned anywhere in your cluster, and the networking resources it needs are automatically plumbed up when it arrives, you don’t have to pre-configure every candidate host.

The disadvantage is that if you have devices which don’t speak VXLANs, you need a gateway device (probably a VMware appliance) which translates between VXLANs and VLANs.

New customer networks are simply a matter of a new definition on the VM’s nic (within the VMware world, anyways).

As an idea it has potential. I don’t think our VMware environment is anywhere near big enough to contemplate it yet.

I’d watch its development (and ours) over the next couple of years and see where it goes.

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