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unable to obtain hardware information

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(9 January 2013)


Running VMware Converter Standalone 5.0.1, installed on an XP system. Trying to "convert" a VMware Server 2.0 VM into a ESXi 5.1 server.

When the converter connects to the VMware Server system and inspects the VM, it says unable to obtain hardware information.

I copied the VM folder to the local XP machine and pointed the converter at the local file. Same error.

I did make sure that the VM had been shut down cleanly before starting this process (as in, I stared the VM, stopped it cleanly, and then re-attempted everything.)


I installed the Converter on my Windows 7 system. I copied the VM folder to the Windows 7 system. Converter worked first try.


VMware Server sucks. No wait, that isn't news. How about: VMware Converter isn't reliable on XP.

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