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Visio Caused Cloud Computing

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Visio Caused Cloud Computing

No, really.

See, cloud computing is all about applying a stupid label to a pre-existing technology in order to sexy it up for the computer-illiterate.

It's the Information Superhighway nonsense all over again.

It's simple really: Gmail is email "cloud computing". Get it?

Not exactly rocket science, is it.

But anyways.

>>Rands wrote about cloud computing:

The innovation in cloud computing happened years ago. It happened when some bright engineer was trying, for the 185th time, to draw the Internet on a slide, and thought, It's this big, huge, amorphous thing that lacks definition. It's a… cloud.

Which, incidentally, is an object on the Visio network stencil, and has been forever. Well maybe not forever, but I remember using it in Visio diagrams I was doing up pre-2001.

So whenever you are banging your head over the ink that's being spilled over "Cloud Computing", you can thank Visio.

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