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Whats On Your Desk Day, 2006

(20 August 2006)

I missed Whats On Your Desk Day again, this time by the longest amount of time yet since we started doing this. So here's what the desk looks like today:

The Sun Ray is still the primary workstation up there, although there is a dock for the laptop for poker and music.

It is getting rather barren since I spend the majority of my day time either at work or with the family, and my evenings usually are spent with Jenn so I use the laptop if I do any computing-related activiti es during that time. So there isn't much action up there, and that's something we are going to have to think about in the long run, since there may be a better use for that room if I am not using it.

However the Whats On Your Desk Day holiday is an annual event in my calendar now, so I should get notified correctly for next July 9th.

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