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Whats On Your Desk Day, 2011

(11 July 2011)

Yes, that's still last May's calendar on the wall.

A week ago, it wasn't this clean. The need to tidy up for the new monitor layout removed a large, large pile of junk.

The Dell LCD monitor is now the second monitor attached to the Precision workstation, and the primary monitor is now a 21 inch Gateway 1080p. I have only been running it like this for a couple of days and have not decided if the second monitor has any value when the primary screen is so big. The original idea was to run movies/media/web-based-stats-monitoring on that monitor so I would have the full widescreen monitor to do work/play/whatever. But thus far I never look at the second monitor, so I powered it off for now and will probably only power it on when I actually want to use it.

The Canon print/fax/scan thing is on a table to the right of the desk (visible in the low-across-the-desk shot).

The stack of Lord-of-the-Rings DVDs are there as I am in the process of ripping them to the secondary hard drive so I have things to watch while I am here.

I also swear that this isn't the same can of caffeine-free Pepsi in the 2009, 2010, and this year's shots. They are all different cans, really. You can see this one is sealed.

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