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Why I can't run Linux

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Why I can't run Linux exclusively

Show Stoppers:

  • Linux doesn't read the unfixated CDR's generated by my MVCD-2000 camera. UDF has been tried and isn't the answer. Dual booting is annoying and its own disincentive.
Pretty Important:
  • Linux doesn't run MS-Office or Visio out of the box, which is a requirement from my employer. There is no budget for Crossover or VMWare. VMWare was inadequate in previous incarnations (I tried 1.x and 3.x). OpenOffice is neat, but not a 100% replacement which is what my poor Microsoft-dependant employers require. And Dia is a sad excuse for a Visio clone.
  • X or Gnome or Ximian Gnome or one or more of the applications I run regularly (or some combination thereof) is frustratingly unstable, leading to either a totally frozen X display, or a totally unresponsive X display. Either error requires a CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (or a total system reset). Other window managers are frustratingly feature-free and/or slightly incompatible with one or more of the applications I want to run.
  • Linux doesn't suspend nicely on my laptop. This may no longer be a problem; however suspending doesn't do much to save battery power. Linux doesn't handle the whole waking-up-on-a-different-network-than-I-went-to-sleep-on problem very well; Windows does.
  • Linux doesn't hibernate on my laptop at all. Boots are slow, waking up from hibernation is usually faster. Also add above complaint about the waking-up-on-a-different-network-than-I-went-to-sleep-on problem.
  • Linux doesn't handle the battery on my laptop as efficiently as Windows. Dunno why, but the battery lasts marginally longer under Windows.
  • Linux doesn't run the games I'd like to play.
  • The available Windows Messenger clones are pretty sad.
  • Browser plugins, media, and all that crap just works under Windows. Getting much of it to go under Linux is an exercise in frustration, minituae, and excessive detail. Most of the time I just live without it unless it goes out of the box -- I'm too old to waste my life on crap like this. I just want to work.
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