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Azure MFA for NPS

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Azure Multifactor Authentication for Network Policy Server


  • I had problems with NPS more than anything. For some reason I got two of them into a state where they wouldn't stop, they'd just say "Stopping..." in the Services window and never come back from that. Finally a competent Windows admin stepped in and got it working again.
  • We had to enroll one user in the Azure AD service to install the extension.
  • On our Fortigate, I had to change the timeouts so that users would have time to press the application to grant permission to themselves.
config sys global
set remoteauthtimeout 30
conf user radius
edit "MyRadiusServer"
set timeout 30
The Global parameter tells the firewall how long to wait on authentication services before giving up on the attempt; the server-specific setting tells the firewall how long to wait on that particular authentication service before repeating the request. If the radius request is repeated, the user could get bombarded with app requests for authentication; so we have made the server timeout match the global timeout.
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