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Users Can Receive But Can't Send

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BES Users can receive but not send

Symptom in EventLog

Event Type : Warning
Event Source: BlackBerry Messaging Agent SERVERNAME Agent 1
Event Category: None
Event ID: 20482
Date: 3/04/2008
Time: 2:33:27 PM
User: N/A
ResolveNamesMAPI ResolveName(1) succeeded, but list does not contain EntryID for all items


Restart BES services


BES is unhappy that it got disconnected from its Exchange server at some point. In my case, I had run a maintenance window the previous night, and for the first time I’d patched-then-rebooted the BES server before the Exchange server; normally I do them the other way around. So when the Exchange server got rebooted, the BES got disconnected. The internet suggests that this problem is more prevalent with BES versions post 4.1 SP4.

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