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These are the only two icons on my Windows Desktop

(27 October 2010)

I'm keen on keeping my desktop clear of launcher icons and data files. I try to keep everything neatly filed, and it drives me crazy when applications assume that you are going to want their application so often that they deserve, nay require, an icon on your desktop, another icon on the icon shortcut bar, and entries in your Start Menu.

Look, if you are that bloody useful to me, I'll sort out how I'm going to launch you, okay?

So after all the icons from the inevitable Adobe Reader Security Update are cleaned up, I'm always left with these two icons on my desktop. The Recycle Bin because it's the easiest place to get at it from, and CSdiff.

Today CSDiff popped up a box saying essentially "hey, you obviously like this app, why not pimp it a bit?" And it is useful enough for me that, hey, OK, why not.

In my case I like to use it to do diffs on device configurations. We have a process where we have to save a copy of device configurations to a network drive after making changes, and one of my hobbies is doing a diff on the file I've just saved and the next-newest one. Since I know what I've changed, any extra changes which pop up will be the result of someone else who's made a change but neglected to save the config like they are supposed to.

With CSDiff, this is easy. Click-select both files, drag and drop them on the CSDiff icon. Up pops the diff. Simple.

It is worth noting that this is the only drag-and-drop operation I do with any regularity.

You can get CSDiff from here: >>

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