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Dump All Databases

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This is a lightly modified script I found somewhere. I'm recording it here because the location where I found it was exporting it with "smart quotes" which made it unrunable.

Because I wanted to run this locally on a bunch of computers with SQL Server on it, I modified the so that it did the dump of databases on the local running computer. I also modified it so that the date was created in the directory structure, not the file names.


REM Get date in format YYYY-MM-DD (assumes the locale is the United States) FOR /F "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=/ " %%A IN ('Date /T') DO SET NowDate=%%D-%%B-%%C

REM Build a list of databases to backup SET DBList=%SystemDrive%\SQLDBList.txt SqlCmd -E -S %ComputerName% -h-1 -W -Q "SET NoCount ON; SELECT Name FROM master.dbo.sysDatabases WHERE [Name] NOT IN ('master','model','msdb','tempdb')" > "%DBList%"

mkdir d:\Backup mkdir d:\Backup\%NowDate% REM Backup each database, prepending the date to the filename FOR /F "tokens=*" %%I IN (%DBList%) DO ( ECHO Backing up database: %%I SqlCmd -E -S %ComputerName% -Q "BACKUP DATABASE [%%I] TO Disk='D:\Backup\%NowDate%\%%I.bak'" ECHO. )

REM Clean up the temp file IF EXIST "%DBList%" DEL /F /Q "%DBList%"


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