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This note applies to Outlook 2003 clients using an Exchange server as the back-end.

Recovering Deleted Items

Look in the Deleted Items folder.

Recovering Hard Deleted Items

A "Hard Deleted" item is one which "Permanently Deleted" from the Deleted Items folder, was shift-deleted instead of just deleted, or was dragged from the Exchange folders to a local set of Personal folders.

  1. Turn on the Dumpster if it isn't already on.
  2. Go: Tools -> Recover Deleted Items
  3. Select and undelete items as required
Depending on how many items there are to sort through and how big/busy your exchange server is, it may take a long time to show you the recoverable Deleted Items.

By default, Exchange will keep Hard Deleted Items for a period of time before purging them from the store to reclaim space. That period of time is configurable by the Exchange administrator. (This, incidentally, is why having clients delete items when the Exchange server is full doesn't gain you any free space immediately.)

Turning On The Dumpster

  1. Exit Outlook and all windows
  2. regedit
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Exchange\Client\Options
  4. Right click in the right side of the screen and select New -> DWORD Value
  5. Name the new key DumpsterAlwaysOn
  6. Click on the new key and set the value to 1
  7. Open Outlook



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