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When I delete an IMAP message in Outlook 2003 it just sits there with a line through it.

IMAP was designed as a two-step process for delete:

  1. mark as deleted
  2. expunge deleted messages
It is up to the client how these deleted-yet-unexpunged messages are displayed.
  • Pine, Mutt etc, show them with the Deleted flag set.
  • Thunderbird hides them but displays them in the Trash folder. They apparently get expunged when the Trash folder is emptied.
  • By default, Outlook 2003 displays them with a strike through them. You can have Outlook hide them too: go View -> Arranged By -> Current View -> Hide Messages Marked For Deletion. Note that this does not automatically expunge messages from your IMAP inbox, you still have to manually expunge periodically.

I have an Exchange account and an IMAP account. When I create a new message, the message always has the Exchange account's signature attached, not the IMAP account signature.

Yeah, me too.

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