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Reset XP Local Admin Password

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How to reset local Admin password Windows XP

Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ alien –to-tgz chntpw_.deb
Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ tar xvzf chntpw.tgz ./usr/sbin/chntpw
Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ mv ./usr/sbin/chntpw ./
  • Mount the NTFS partition:
    # sudo mount /dev/hdax /media/hdax
    where x is the partion number, usually 1 on generic systems and 2 on Dells
# cd /media/hdax/WINDOWS/system32/config
# sudo ~/chntpw SAM
  • follow the prompts - my preference is to not reset the account login attempts and simply blank the password using *
  • Write the SAM file
  • Reboot
  • Bring Windows up and log in with administrator / no password.
So far (knock on wood) works like a charm every time.

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