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Sharepoint in Internet Explorer

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(13 September 2012)

One of the things I hate about SharePoint is that it demands a password pretty much any time you want to interact with a document, and none of the browser-password-automation tools will help you short-circuit the demand. (Except for totally external solutions like the fingerprint scanner, which I dislike for other reasons.)

Anyways, if your Sharepoint credentials are the same as your Active Directory Domain credentials, you can tell IE to automatically offer SharePoint your Domain credentials any time sharepoint is demanding of such information.

To do this in IE:

  • Go Tools -> Internet Options
  • Click the Security Tab
  • Click “Local Intranet”
  • Click “Sites”
  • Click “Advanced”
  • Add the sharepoint site: http://(whatever)
  • OK/OK
By default, your Local Intranet security settings should be set to have the option “User Authentication -> Login -> set to “Automatic Logon Only In Intranet Zone”.

As long as your username and password are the same in the AD zone and in Sharepoint, it should stop bugging you. (Personally it only demands a password from me when I'm creating a new document, but my use case is hardly exhaustive.)

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