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PuTTy is a SSH client for windows

Home site: >>

See also: >>SSH Key Exchange with Putty

Configuration settings I like in my Default Settings:

(Some of this has moved around in menus since 2016 and/or is in different places in kitty)

Window tab

  • geometry: 125x25
  • Change font size only when maximized (ALT-drag will change font size in this mode)
  • Font: Courier-New, 10-point
Translation tab:
  • Remote Character Set: UTF-8
  • Action of mouse buttons: xterm (Right extends, Middle pastes)
  • Colors: clear Allow terminal to use xterm 256-colour mode
  • select Disable Application Keypad Mode (number pad now works in vi)
  • select Disable remote-controlled terminal resizing
  • Xterm R6
Connection tab:
  • SSH/Auth: Allow agent forwarding
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