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Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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Also referred to as SCD



This is based on the book >>Breaking The Vicious Cycle

In a nutshell, it assumes that many disorders (including ASD/Autism) are (a result of|grossly influenced by) bacteria in the intestinal system. These bacteria live on artificial or refined sugars, starches, and some complex carbohydrates; therefore health can be generally improved by adjusting the diet to starve these bacteria. Once the bacteria are dead or substantially reduced, improvements in health may be realized.

There is a claim on the Autism One list that in this instance, the diet was only adhered to for 18 months; then a less rigid diet was adopted (the implication being, without a diet-related regression).

Personal Observation

It doesn't spike the BS-meter, however it appears to be at least peripherally involved with chelation (it talks about integrating the diet with chelation).

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