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Graph Titles Including ifAlias

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Change the graph template

(You either have to manually do this before you create your graphs, or you get to edit your graph definitions manually after the fact.)

console -> Data Queries -> SNMP Interface Statistics -> Associated Graph Templates -> I/O Bits -> Suggested Values :

Several formats are listed there , change their order with the up/down arrows . Or create a new one with your desired params in it and move it to the top of the list

Mine Looks Like This:

title |host_description| - Traffic - |query_ifName| - |query_ifAlias|

Then you can re-apply the template to the existing graphs:

# cd ~cacti/cli
# php poller_graphs_reapply_names.php -id=All
Instead of =All you can just apply the templates to devices if you know the device ID.
# cd ~cacti/cli
# php poller_graphs_reapply_names.php -id=5

To regenerate labels from updated switch information:

There's a php script in the main directory to do so (poller_reindex_hosts.php). But it's VERY time consuming. You may run it on a per host basis.

Reason # 443 why 3Com Sucks

3Com Port Labels are not read as ifAliases. Boo.

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