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In 2012 I got a request to dig through my stuff to see if any of the phones I had were interesting enough for a museum exhibit (no, really). This photo is the result of my search:


Missing from this picture are the Kyrocea (kept for ten days and then exchanged for the Nokia), the Nokia (sold, actually!), the Sony (tossed, see below), and the iPhone (took the picture).

What's really weird about this whole thing was that six weeks earlier I was going through my basement cleaning stuff out. It was a major cull, I was throwing out stuff that I had been carting around since my very first move in 1989. We tossed a half dumpster into one of those "Capital Junk" trucks. As part of that process, I found the original boxes for the two Sanyo phones, plus my first Sony phone, the CMB1207CNT0 phone that I got in 1999 -- and it was in its original box with its original documentation. I remember holding the boxes, thinking that the phones and boxes would be worth something to someone, but that finding that someone wouldn't be worth the effort. So they got tossed.

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