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Apple iPhone 4

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Apple iPhone 4

So after >>much anguish, I selected the iPhone 4 as my next Telus phone. Delivery was October 2011.


What's to like:

  • I like the heft of it in my hand. It feels like it is made of something. The glass front and back make it heavy, yes, but it also doesn't flex so I don't feel worried about having it in my pocket.
  • The web browser is pretty nice.
  • Exchange push email works pretty well. GMail can be set up as an exchange push account too.
  • The camera is pretty good. I still can't take a good picture to save my life, but this phone is pretty decent to have with me all the time.
  • The touchscreen keyboard isn't any worse than what I was used to with the Pearls or the 7250 before them.
  • The apps in the App store so far have either been functional/fun or impulse-buy priced so I didn't feel bad about not using them. Frequently they've been both.
What's not to like:
  • If I'd waited two weeks, I could have had an iPhone 4S.
  • I'm dependent on Exchange to do filtering for pager purposes. I'm not sure I like that.
  • Not having per-contact email signalling tones was annoying, but I've adjusted to that so much that now that iOS 6 has them, I'm not using them.
  • Not being able to use arbitrary songs or sound effects for alerts is annoying. There are tools to get around this, but coming from the blackberry it is a bit jarring.
  • The "alert" function plays its whole sound effect at alert time, even if you try to cancel it.
  • Battery life isn't any better than the Pearl was. Although maybe I'm using the phone more, I still charge every night.
  • It gets hot when being used hard, like games or something.
The iPhone tree in this wiki:

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