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Kyocera KX-440

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Kyocera KX440

Network: Telus

July 2005

I had this phone for about a week as a trial. My opinions:

  • it has this push-to-talk thing which is not compatible with their Mike network; the sales assistant wanted me to get the push-to-talk service, but I pointed out that without having any friends or co-workers on the service it would just be wasted money
  • the sound quality in and out of the phone is spectacular compared to my old Sanyo SCP-4500
  • the speakerphone is also better than the old phone
  • the phone is only slightly too big to carry around in my pocket; however, Telus didn’t have any holsters or belt clips in stock that would fit the phone
  • the contact functionality is inferior to the old phone’s—with the old phone, I could set icons for Mobile, Work, and Home numbers, and toggle between them easilly in the search screen; with the new phone, I am looking at two or three extra clicks for the same functionality
  • all of the ringtones are annoyingly bad
  • the battery cover is very flimsy and already looks like it is going to break
  • I can’t get access to the ‘lock code’, which would mean I would be locking myself out of my phone if it ever got set
  • occasionally when waking up or coming out of keyguard it dumps a whole lot of random characters to the display
The last three items caused me to RMA the phone; instead of taking a replancement, I side-graded to the Nokia 3205i.
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