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Nokia 3205i

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Nokia 3205i

Network: Telus
Purchased: July 2005
Used until: 2006 sometime (got a Blackberry 7250)

Things I like:

  • nice form factor -- small enough that it fits in most of my pants
  • I like the fact that it is a brick, not a flip-phone
  • being able to associate photos from the camera with entries, giving you a visual caller-id
  • being able to set a ring profile that will expire after a certain period of time
  • programmable "Go To" lets you set up quick access to features you might use frequently
  • hitting "Cancel" while the phone is ringing immediately sends caller to voicemail
Things I don't like:
  • the speaker phone isn't very good. It is good enough to listen to voicemail with, but for some reason the mic doesn't pick up my end of the conversation very well when I try to actually use it.
  • the headset jack isn't a standard sized jack, requiring the purchase of a Nokia accessory
  • the customizable case is made of thin plastic and flexes slightly when the phone is in your hand -- this makes audible clicks and snaps when the phone is in use
  • all the default ringtones suck, but that is to be expected since they want to charge you $$$ to download decent ones
  • the battery life has been appalling; if the phone sees any use at all it requires charging every second day
Update: 6 Months

So far the phone has done pretty good service. Some notes:

  • The battery life is still bad, but I have found if I put in a pocket where the buttons are not as likely to get pressed (ie put it in a shirt pocket, not my jeans pocket) the battery lasts a lot longer. Battery life has been up to three days. Still not as good as former phones, but better than the charge-every-day routine I was initially looking at.
  • I purchased a car charger. Charging is really quick in the few times that I have had to do it, which isn't as often now that the phone usually lives in a shirt or jacket pocket.
  • In straightening out a billing problem, Telus gave me a hip-holster for the phone. I used it for less than a week before stopping. The leather case isn't 100% perfect (no case is) but is bad enough that it bothers me. It is hard to use the rocker buttons through the plastic shield on the case. The belt clip interface sticks far enough out the back of the phone that it is no longer really possible to put the phone in a pocket.
  • I've dropped the phone a couple of times and the plastic shield is cracking.
  • Also some small hairs have worked their way into the plastic shield in the display area, and I can't get it apart to clean it out.
  • I got a DKU-5 cable over eBay, but it never worked.
  • I also got a CA-42 cable ($69) and it works properly; the supplied software from the Nokia site does photo transfers and synchronizes with Outlook/Exchange.
  • The built-in camera is pretty poor, but what do you expect from a cellphone?
Overall I'm still disappointed with the battery life and sometimes the form factor means the phone gets lost in my hands (for example, you can't wedge the phone between your head and ear and type). But as for being able to talk to people over the phone, it does that pretty well.
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