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RIM 8100 Pearl

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RIM 8100 Pearl

Received when the company consolidated on Rogers service.

I did three years with this phone, 2007 through 2010.


  • A blackberry is an email reading device, not a email creation device. This phone was perfectly adequate for that purpose.
  • That said, the SureType worked reasonably well. Teaching it new words was a pain though.
  • The pearl trackball lasted two years and ten months, after which point it wouldn't send the cursor down. Most of my co-workers killed their trackballs faster than that, I think mine lasted the longest.
  • I upgraded the firmware at least twice. I found the web browser was less useful once it went all-graphical rather than text-based, the processor really wasn't fast enough to deal with that.
  • I got frustrated with these automated-attendant phone systems that would say "type the first characters of the last name of the person you are trying to reach"… since my letters didn't line up with the numbers the way a normal phone would.
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