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Sanyo SCP-4500

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Sanyo SCP-4500

I had this phone for about three years (2002 through 2005). Things I liked:

  • good sound quality compared to the old Sony brick I had before
  • nice solid form-factor in my hand
  • adequate speakerphone quality
  • being able to add multiple phone numbers to a single contact
  • the speed-dial functionality
  • being able to silence the incoming ring without answering or cancelling the call
  • the vibrate-alert
  • good battery life
  • battery compatibility with my wife's phone
  • voice-memo record was interesting but I didn't use it very much
Overall I have very few complaints about the phone.
  • it ate up three belt cases over its lifetime
  • near the end of its life it would not transition calls from the digital network to the analog without dropping them
  • the call history wouldn't record inbound or missed calls reliably
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