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Sony CMB1207CNT0

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Sony CMB1207CNT0

Sony CMB1207CNT0

I got one of these in 1999 when I signed up with Clearnet. At the time it was the only phone offered.

Pretty basic dual-mode (analog, CDMA-digital) phone.

What stands out the most of memories with this phone was A) the battery life was pretty good, I could go several days without charging; and B) it was by far the best phone I've ever owned for holding a signal under adverse conditions. I remember one incident where I got on a third-floor elevator, rode it down into the basement parking garage, and drove out -- all while having a conversation on the phone. You didn't worry about connectivity with this phone, it just worked.

Of course when I looked it up on the internet later, the phone turned up on one of those lists of "top radiators" -- it was the second or third strongest transmitter they'd measured in a cell phone at the time. So if I end up with brain cancer in the future this is probably why.

I think I did three years with it before I upgraded to the Sanyo SCP-4500.

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