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ssmtp.exe is a cut version of sendmail used as a submit engine. It is used by software which does not pretend to be a MTA (like mutt).

It allegedly does TLS, but the supplied version is not built with TLS enabled.

Configuration file /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf:

# /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf -- a config file for sSMTP sendmail.
# FromLineOverride=YES root=postmaster useTLS=YES useSTARTTLS=YES

#Configure sSMTP in Five Easy Steps # #(1) mailhub #This is the computer responsible for handling your outgoing mail. #It could be the SMTP server of your ISP, or a departmental mailhub. #Use the fully-qualified domain name ( of the mailhub; #if it uses an unusual SMTP port number, use the colon syntax # #Otherwise sSMTP will use the standard SMTP port number (25). #(Note that sSMTP can support a user-dependent mailhub with the #'reverse aliases' feature, for which see the man page.) # #(2) FromLineOverride #This specifies how sSMTP handles the From: line of outgoing mail. #If FromLineOverride=YES, sSMTP will leave the From: line alone if #it already exists. If FromLineOverride has any other value, or #there is no From: line, sSMTP creates the From: line using your #username (or the -f command-line option), and the value of the #rewriteDomain option (step (4), below). # If you use a mail user agent (MUA; e.g. mutt, pine) I recommend #using YES and having the MUA set the From: line. (Exception: the #'reverse aliases' feature can be used to set up a particular From: #address for each user, in which case don't use FromLineOverride=YES. #See the man page.) # #(3) hostname #sSMTP uses the hostname of your computer to identify itself to the #mailhub, and in the Received: headers of the outgoing mail. This #has relatively little effect on how the mail is handled. # Use the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of your computer #( If it doesn't have a FQDN, use some name for your box. # #(4) rewriteDomain #Please enter the mail name of your system. #sSMTP uses this value to add a domain to unqualified e-mail addresses #(addresses without an @-sign). # You probably want to use the domain from your own e-mail address. #You probably want to set up your MUA to handle unqualified addresses #itself, in which case sSMTP will never have to use this. # #(5) root #Last and least: if sSMTP finds an unqualified e-mail address among #the recipients, and it corresponds to a username on your local #machine with a userid less than 1000, then the e-mail is sent to #this value instead. The idea is that mail sent to 'root' should #probably go to 'postmaster' instead. # If you set up your MUA to do its own handling of unqualified #addresses, this is irrelevant. Use the default value of 'postmaster' #or your own e-mail address if you're paranoid.

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