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Invoking it:

$ cyradm --help                                                 
Usage: cyradm [args] server
  --user <user>         Connect as <user> (authentication name)
  --authz <user>        Authorize as <user>
  --[no]rc              (Do not) load the configuration files
  --systemrc <file>     Use system-wide configuration <file>
  --userrc <file>       Use user configuration <file>
  --port <port>         Connect to server on <port>
  --auth <mechanism>    Authenticate with <mechanism>

For some reason the authentication sometimes doesn't work properly when you don't specify an authentication mechanism, as so:

$ cyradm --auth DIGEST-MD5

Note that if you are not the administrating user, you'd better use the --user switch as well.

OK. So you get it up. Here's a sample creation session:

$ cyradm --auth DIGEST-MD5
Cannot find termcap: Can't find a valid termcap file at /opt/UXdmz/perl/lib/5.8.0/Term/ line 333

cyradm> connect localhost Password: localhost> cm user/ localhost> setquota user/ 1000000 quota:1000000 localhost> quit

The whimpering about termcap can be ignored.

Note that this does nothing in regards to the authentication. If you are using the /etc/sasldb2 mechanism, you'd better trot off and use saslpasswd2.

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