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db errors

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db errors with cyrus imapd

During some random work, cyrus started to act like it was in some distress:

Mar 21 10:46:06 jupiter pop3s[11604]: DBERROR db4: Database handles open during environment close

Things got worse:

Mar 21 12:12:22 jupiter lmtpunix[23062]: DBERROR db4: operation not permitted during recovery.
Mar 21 12:12:22 jupiter lmtpunix[23062]: DBERROR: opening /opt/cyrus/imap/deliver.db: Invalid argument
Mar 21 12:12:22 jupiter lmtpunix[23062]: DBERROR: opening /opt/cyrus/imap/deliver.db: cyrusdb error

After trying many things, I found a solution which worked:

  • stop cyrus
  • delete the deliver.db, tls_sessions.db, and db/* files
  • start cyrus
Cyrus then rebuilt the missing files.

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