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2008 January Car Pricing

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Some Random 2008 Model Year Pricing From The Web

CarStarts At+-
Subaru Impreza 2.5i 4dr$20695Subaru++
"New Canadian Pricing", my pasty white ass.
Honda Civic Sedan$16990honda++price
Honda Civic Hybrid$26350honda
Honda Fit$14980hondaeh
only $2K less than a real honda
Mazda 3 GX$16895mazda+price
Toyota Yaris 3dr CE$13915Toyotacan get a 4dr Fit for that money
Toyota Yaris 5dr LE$14995  
Smart Fortwo$14990autoonly two seats
SUV football
Ford Focus$15999 Ford
Chevy Aveo$12995 GM
Pontiac Wave$12995 GM
Chevy Cobalt$15175 GM
Dodge Calibre$159955-door
Kia Rio$13995super cheapiesuper cheapie
Kia Spectra$15995 Kia
Mitsubishi Lancer$16598 no auto?


  • January 25 2008. I punched in $, followed the website to get the "starting at" prices.
  • Most of these cars are probably 5SP manuals, automatics will be options to the probable tune of $1K or more (or a model bump)
  • had a region selector that did nothing so there's no data for their cheap car.
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