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Olympus SP-320

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  • I have a 1GB XD card, never filled it up -- once offloaded 300+ HQ-3072x2304


  • Eats batteries. Keep a steady supply of AA batteries available.
  • Doesn't live well with the 1.2V NiCad rechargable AA batteries.
  • Flash eats power quickly; red-eye even more quickly
  • LCD isn't too power hungry, but turning it off extends battery life

Macro mode

  • Mode-1 lets you zoom; Mode-2 doesn't


  • adequate point-n-shoot in auto, auto-flash, HQ-3072x2304 (printable 4x6 pictures generally); this is the mode I leave it in for my wife's use since it will usually do a "good-enough" job of what she wants to shoot
  • SHQ is better than HQ; JPEG artifaction is pretty bad with high-detail HQ pictures
  • use SHQ if you are going to post-process even a bit or print above 4x6


  • Red-eye is pretty bad with this camera
  • fixing photos in software is generally more power-friendly


  • not perfect alignment with the CCD lens
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