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TV 2013

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TV We're Watching, 2013

In my opinion, we watch too much TV as it is. But there you go.

  • Longmire -- a cowboy police procedural. Plus Henry. Surprisingly deep at times.
  • Continuum -- a soap opera police procedural disguised as a sci-fi time-travel police procedural.
  • Face/Off -- also known as Glenn Hetrick Says Hello.
  • Unforgettable (well Jenn is watching it, but I'm present for most of them) -- another police procedural
  • Perception -- a police procedural with a crazy doctor
  • Elementary -- Sherlock Holmes as a police procedural
  • Criminal Minds -- the police procedural's police procedural, now that Law & Order is done
  • Castle -- a buddy police procedural
  • Under The Dome -- Jenn got bored just as it started to get interesting (about three episodes in) so even though that was the inverse of my experience, we ditched it.
  • Vikings -- Soap opera set in a time before soap. Jenn likes this one, I could miss or watch, but the number of moving parts makes it hard to jump in and out of.
  • Sherlock -- not sure if this counts since we watched it all from iTunes, and I'm not sure if the next series will be out this year. But we discovered and consumed all six available episodes. Well done, but the three first ones are superior to the second three.
  • Chicago Fire -- watched about three episodes until I noticed I'd been tricked into watching a soap opera. Bailed out.
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