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What to do about these Blogs.

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  • Wordpress is finally getting knocked around by the spammers.
  • My blog has 833 posts in it, not a trivial amount of history. I don't really want to abandon it all.



  • I already have it
  • it's rare enough that it isn't too likely to get targeted by arbitrary spammers; if someone specifically wants to get at me, there's little I can do about it no matter what software I run
  • I know how to use it
  • nasty java thing so it's pretty resource heavy (although voyager can keep it going assuming we don't get Dugg or Slashdoted)
  • depends on voyager staying alive… which depends on my keeping this job (not currently at risk, but you never know)
  • not being developed any more
  • not exactly a friendly weblog platform (it's much better at being a wiki than a weblog)

Upgrade Wordpress to something more current


  • keep history
  • keep my own site
  • I can probably figure out how to drive it myself
  • theme would break which would mean learning enough CSS and wordpress internals to fix it myself (unlikely) or finding a different theme (far more likely)
  • antispam would break
  • I'd lose all my tags since that's an added plugin for, and the data isn't stored the same way that the built-in features are
  • fixing all that would be boring and take time I don't have
  • and in six months there'll be yet another upgrade which would either repeat these problems or invent new ones



  • free
  • reasonably flexible
  • it's Google, so you know it'll never go away (until it does)
  • the planet inexplicably can't deal with the time stamps on the RSS feed, all the blogger posts show up five hours in the past
  • not available
  • no ability to backup content easily, so content would have to be disposable
  • no ability to import my existing history


  • free, upgrades available
  • site name
  • history can be imported (already tried, it mostly works)
  • nice editor
  • about as flexible as Blogger, but with WordPress you expect much more.
  • no textile parsing
  • it's not Google

Write my own software


  • does everything I want
  • total control
  • what are you, drunk? I don't have time to be writing this list, let alone write even a half-assed weblog software.
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