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New 2 Vista

Vista is slow. Stupid slow too: I deleted a shortcut on the desktop, and I got the pop-up window "Determining how long this will take..." and then five seconds later, "0 seconds remaining".

Escalation is a pain. For example I installed VMWare server and skipped the key installation. So I ran the console later, and tried to add the key, and it claimed I didn't have permission to do so.

Gadgets are "teh shiny". Of course, I turned most of them off because I already have a clock in the lower left and a date display too (since I double-row my taskbar).

Aero is neat. I like the 3-D app flip and the window display in the task-switching. Except if you run a Java app (ie: the Veritas remote manager thing) then you get flipped back into basic Vista mode because the Java thing can't deal with Vista. Interestingly you get flipped back into Aero once the Java thing is closed.

VMware takes a long time to launch a VM.

Outlook 2007 is interesting. I like the To-Do Bar, especially once the Task List is closed.

But you can't copy-and-paste appointments in the calendar any more?!

It would also be nice if the "Search Inbox" defaulted to "Search All Mail" like LookOut did.

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