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Also not with the working OpenVPN 2.0.9. There is a 2.1 rc which claims Vista support, but it didn't work for me either. Of course, I still have the VMware Server installed… I should probably just remove that and figure out what I'm really going to do longer term about that.

I figured out the flip-3D thing. What would be cooler would be if you could somehow indicate to Vista that the app being flipped to should be preceeded by a "Show Desktop" command to minimize everything else, or you end up accumulating all your windows open.

I tried a multidesktop solution: Vista & XP Virtual Desktops. The interface is clunky and slow, but makes a good effort. However, when you are on a virtual desktop you can only flip-3D between the apps on that desktop. Would be neater if you could flip-3D through all apps, and jump to the correct desktop when you selected it. But I got tired of the key accelerators (Windows-P?! on a laptop?!) so I stopped using it after about ten minutes.

So after a full day with Vista, I think I'm still with it… but it was a close thing at times. So far the shiny exceeds my impatience with the slow and the not working, I guess.

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