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Today's Problem

I suspended the laptop at home on the dock, after it had been running all weekend. When I powered it up for the first time today, it wouldn't get an IP address from the network through the wire.

I had to reboot it in order to connect properly.

Other notes:

  • This laptop's wireless seems to emit magic packets that kill the access point at customer number "T", therefore I don't use the wireless here any more. It works fine at customer number "S", and at home. It worked fine at head office, but I have not tried it recently.
  • I think I am going to have to change my setup so that I always use the laptop panel as the primary monitor instead of the secondary, which has been my practice up until now. The reason is that when you suspend from a dock where you are using the external monitor as the primary, then resume, the laptop doesn't rearrange the display setup until you actually get to the desktop -- which means your login screen is displayed on the disconnected external monitor.
  • It is irritating that ipconfig /release requires an "elevated" command prompt.
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