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Suspention again, plus video

Two gripes today.

The laptop declined to suspend again in the dock. My co-worker suggested that I undock first, then suspend, and for whatever reason this worked.

Again I was fooling with VMware in the session prior to attempting to suspend.

Second, when placed in the dock at home, the computer no longer remembers this display layout and size. At the office we have a nice 20-inch Sun CRT on the right side of the dock; at home, we currently have a 19-inch LCD on the left set to a different resolution. Vista is keeping the on-the-right orientation (proved by waving the mouse back and forth) and set the LCD to 800x600 instead of either the 1280x1024 the LCD is capable, or the 1600x1400 that the Sun CRT is set to.

It did remember the CRT's settings though, I don't think I had to reset those when I landed this afternoon.

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