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Don't know what the problem was here

(This actually happened yesterday.) I got to customer T's site, and unsuspended the computer. Outlook won't connect. So I quit Outlook, and restart it; it claims it can't open the OST file.

Reboot the computer, try again; the OST file needs to be checked. So I let it check the OST file.

(At the same time, Windows Defender comes up bleating that it hasn't run a scan in 3 days. So I let it run. Eventually the scan starts to look like it's repeating or happening at random, so I cancel it, and it goes away happy.)

One calendar month later, OST checking finishes, Outlook starts, but nothing gets downloaded. Restart Outlook, now it's offering to come up in some diagnostics "safe mode"? This also never gets anywhere.

So I reboot the computer again, and delete the OST file. The file is 1GB in size. This time, Outlook starts OK, and recreates the OST file. Now everything seems to be working again.

Since then I've gone through a couple of suspend/unsuspend cycles and everything is still working.

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