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4GB is the new 512MB

So after a bunch of us at the office were whining about how slow our 2GB Dell Latitude D830 laptops were, the boss went out and laid 4GB on us.

I did the install myself, and managed to give myself the usual kinds of problems.

It took three tries at opening the keyboard, seating and re-seating the keyboard connector, seating and re-seating the DIMM, and closing everything up before the computer would boot. Then it took a huge amount of time to boot; it turns out if the BIOS detects hardware change, it does a full-bore POST instead of the abbreviated POST it usually does.

After two of these long boots the computer seems to be back to its usual zippy self.

And naturally, Windows only sees 3582MB of the memory. One of the Windows team claims that this is because it is a 32-bit OS, and it requires the rest for hardware overhead.

I have not been using it long enough to have an opinion one way or another as to there has been any performance increase; that will have to come over use.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I have a laptop which probably has more memory than all the PCs in my first office combined did.

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