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I wonder if I'm barking up the wrong tree here wasting this time to get the data inserted into the postgres database. Maybe I should just be loading it into rrdb databases so that I can generate the pretty pictures, and worry about the postgres data later.

The theory is: the rrdb files will be for pictures, and the postgres will be used to figure out things like top users in a given time period. So maybe I'd have more to show if I focused on the picture side first rather than fine-tuning what gets shown.

It would be nice if I could show the top-users in a given time period, but also give the user the ability to select which hosts he wants to see mashed together -- either on a single large graph or separate graphs.

(Now that I think about it, I also wonder if the problems I'm having with my table permissions -- that the flowdb user can't use tables that the postgres user creates without requiring a specific grant -- are due to the fact that the postgres user is the one creating them. If the flowdb user, or rather, the script connected to the database with the flowdb credentials, creates the table then there shouldn't be any permissions problems.)

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