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2007-11-13 #1

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Logical Problem

Added the code to delete old records from the database when they get superseded by new records.

Renamed import to flow2postgres

Created postgres2rrd. This script removes the existing rrd files, loads the time periods from the database, then populates the rrdfiles. This is ugly. I suppose what we should do is throw out the last time period from the database, and keep track of what time periods we have already inserted into our rrds.

flow2postgres now runs in approximately 30 seconds per 15-minute flow file.

Generated my first rrd graph! Just eyeballing it the data looks bogus -- it claims that the firewall was transferring 55 MB/s around noon on the ninth.

Trying a full import now to see if the graphs look rational. ETA: about two hours.

...aaand the data looks totally bogus, totally inconsistent with what the line monitor is drawing. I guess this means I'm totally wrong in something I'm assuming here.

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