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I want a database because scanning the switches every time I want to test some logic takes upwards of a minute and a half.

Online Documentation



# su - postgres
$ createdb switchdb
$ psql -s switchdb
# create user switchdb password 'switchdb';
# grant all privileges on switchdb to switchdb;
  • That last line didn't work; (>>Ref) it should be
# grant all on database switchdb to switchdb;
  • Enabled TCP/IP in ~postgres/data/postgresql.conf:
tcpip_socket = true
port = 5432
  • Also you must edit the data/pg_hba file to permit tcp/ip connections through the loopback and restart the databse.

Selecting a database

$ psql
postgres=# c netflow
You are now connected to database "netflow" as user "postgres".

List tables in active database

netflow=# dt
             List of relations
 Schema |      Name       | Type  |  Owner
 public | rdc_created     | table | netflow
 public | rdc_flows       | table | netflow
 public | rdc_loaded      | table | netflow
 public | rdc_localip     | table | netflow
 public | rdc_statsloaded | table | netflow
(5 rows)


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