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Stuff I'd Buy If Money Was No Object

  • Subaru Outback or GT Wagon (for every day)
  • Acura NSX (for play)
  • a home somewhere that had a second-floor office featuring an unobstructed view north (if we have something nice to look at, like mountains or even merely the Gatineau Hills) or west (if we don't). Having a balcony from the office might be nice too.
  • a proper computer for hosting (ie a Dell 2950 with hardware RAID and many, large disks)
  • a proper computer for the home network (probably the same Dell 2950 as above)
  • enough offsite disk to store backups of the important data
  • a nice digital SLR camera
  • a scanner (I like the idea of the ScanSnap scan-to-PDF scanners for documents)
  • a nice laser printer
  • foil Matrix Revolutions "Every story that has a beginning has an end" movie poster, mounted
  • a powered USB hub
  • more (and/or) older Hot Wheels
Seems like I have a pretty tame list of personal wants.
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