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soa values

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I've only been doing this for 25 years, I guess it's high time I learned what it all means

[root@n2 log]# dig +short soa 2019050703 86400 3600 604800 7200

The numeric values are:

SOA ValueNameDescription
2019050703Zone serial numberNameserver will not use new versions of this zone if the presented serial number is less than the currently used value.
86400RefreshSlave nameservers will try to pull an updated copy of the zone from the master every <Refresh> seconds.
3600RetryIf a slave's transaction with a master fails for some reason, the slave will try again in <Retry> seconds.
604800ExpireThe maximum amount of time that a slave will keep a zone cached if it can't talk to the master.
7200TTLThis is the amount of time that negative answers are to be cached on downstream nameservers. Needs to be lower for zones that need to propagate quickly.
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