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SMC Networks WBR14T-G

We consider this to be a very poor device. We purchased this router only because it was cheap ($35) and included a PCMCIA wireless adaptor unit (which we needed for an older laptop).

The unit is used primarilly as a wireless-to-LAN switch. During a brief period where we were experiencing trouble with our primary firewall, this unit was pressed into service as a firewall; however the problems we experienced with the unit rapidly forced us to fix the problemms with the primary.

The unit very occasionally freezes (it froze twice in the first 18 hours of service). Freezes are far more frequent (many times per day) if the unit is being actively used as a firewall for internet connectivity. Freezes kill the firewall and wireless capability of the unit; it is unknown at this time if freezes kill the LAN switching capability of the unit.

The unit powers up believing that the date/time is back in 2004. There is no place to configure a correct time. The unit claims to have NTP (time configuration) client functionality; however it does not have anywhere to configure said configuration either.

The unit has support for dynamic DNS service; this appears to work properly.

The unit works properly with 54Mb/s wireless clients over short range. The unit is located in our basement and provides adequate service to laptops on the second floor. The unit supports a proprietary 108Mb/s mode, however we are not using it as half our computers do not support it.

We are not using the built-in DHCP server as we have another computer on the network to provide that service.

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