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Sony MVC2000

Damn fine camera, although having been suckered into buying one I may be biased.

Random Notes

About the HotWheels Pictures

The camera is a Sony Mavica CD-1000. For shooting, camera was set to maximum zoom and macro mode, with all other settings (other than the white balance) on automatic. This has lead to some of the cars being inconsistently focused (eg the nose of some cars is in focus while the side of the car is not).

The individual pictures with names like DSC00999.JPG were taken straight off of the camera. No alterations were made at all. These are 1024x768 in dimension, and each weigh in at about 350K. Since this camera writes to a large media receiver, the compression is not very aggressive and there is not too much artifaction. Generally speaking, these are also not very good pictures since they were among the first pictures ever taken with this new camera. Some of them are OK, but most of them could stand with being re-shot after I learn more about the camera and buy a tripod.

Update, September 2001: A couple of the pictures feature the cars pointing in the opposite direction; these pictures were shot on auto-white balance and using the flash for fill light. This brings out some spectacular reflections from the semi-gloss paper that I am using as a base/background. These pictures are generally speaking superior to those made using the previous method; see especially car 2001-143, the yellow SS Commodore VT.

Also, one of my good friends who knows far more about photography than I do has explained to me that the focal problems on the cars is due to the properties of the lense having to focus at such a short distance -- in other words, everything is working properly and I just have to be careful about how I stage each picture.

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