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(13 April 2012)


Messages to my Gmail account don't provide me with a proper message-arrived alert sound.

Well actually it's more complicated than that.

Real Solution

(16 May 2012)

Set up the GMail account as a second "Exchange" account, and enable push. The GMail account now gets the same 1st-class alerts as the real Exchange account.

Me Blathering Before I Figured Out The Above

(13 April 2012)

Lets consider this scenario:

  • I have an ActiveSync account to my primary work email.
  • I have a GMail account set up to the Mail app which is my backup work email. (IE when the exchange server is down, the monitoring system can't send me an email to tell me that. So it sends those messages to GMail instead.)
  • I have a GMail app loaded that is configured with my personal email.
It seems you have your choice as to how things are broken.

The GMail app will only produce the default mail arrived noise. This has an approximately 0 percent chance of waking me up at night. If you have the GMail app loaded, messages to your Mail app GMail account will produce the same default noise.

If you unload the GMail app, messages to the Mail app will now produce the user-configured new-mail sound. Good! Except that it will only check this GMail account at pre-set intervals, the most frequent of which is 15 minutes. Which is useless for my purposes.

So your choice is:

  • default noise with push speeds; or
  • user configurable noise with slow mail checking.
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