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Battery Life

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(25 September 2012)

So I Got Upgraded To iOS6

...and I want iOS 5.1.1 back.

While I don't care about Maps and the uglyness of the new iOS color scheme isn't enough to make me want to go back, the battery life is much worse under iOS6 than it was under previous versions.

What seems to be happening is my use pattern is conspiring with a problem either in Google Reader or iOS6 to run down my battery.

My use pattern is to bring up Google Reader in Safari and leave it there, jumping back as I have available time to read articles. However when I do this, Safari seems to be constantly spinning on something. This seems to run my battery down by about 4%-10% per hour, which is a much sharper decline when idle than I am used to.

iOS5.x.x already taught me to go through and kill any applications that I'm not actively using. I pretty much only keep the phone, mail, and Twitter apps running. Everything else gets killed when I'm done with it. So I'm pretty sure that the battery drain problem is in Safari when Google Reader is loaded and active.

Now I have to add Safari to this list, which kind of defeats the point of having the iPhone in the first place.

I'm rapidly being pushed to having a separate device for all my non-phone and non-email activities, something like an iPod touch maybe. With that I don't care if battery gets run down because it is an entertainment device. I already pretty much monopolize the iPod we do have on weekends when I am on pager and can't afford to let the phone battery die, no matter what.

Frankly like this I'd almost be better off going back to a Blackberry, which is just sad.

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