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Stop Output Getting Emailed

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How do I stop LSF jobs from emailing me their output?

There are a number of ways in which to accomplish this. Interactive jobs will not send mail by default.

-I | -Ip | -Is

Submits a batch interactive job. A new job cannot be submitted until the interactive job is completed or terminated. Sends the job's standard output (or standard error) to the terminal. Does not send mail to you when the job is done unless you specify the -N option.

The way I like to do this is by adding the following to my bsub command: -o /dev/null --unless of course you want the oputput then I would have your submissions scripts determine unique filenames for their jobs using the LSF_JOBID

-o out_file

Specify a file path. Appends the standard output of the job to the specified file. Sends the output by mail if the file does not exist, or the system has trouble writing to it.
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