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user job history

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Finding a user's history:

$ bhist -au $USER -n 5 -S yyyy/mm/dd/HH:mm,yyyy/mm/dd/HH:mm
$ bhist -n 5 $JOBID
Useful flags:
-aDisplay information about both finished and unfinished jobs (over-rides -d -p -s and -r)
-lLong, detailed format output (over-rides -w)
-n $NUMBERgo further back in time ($NUMBER=0 means read all available logs; default $NUMBER=1)
-u $USERonly list jobs belonging to $USER ($USER=all means all users)
-wWide (all information on one line)

Usefull Examples:

$ bhist -awu mona -n 5 -S 2006/01/26/12:00,2006/01/27/12:00 > /tmp/mona.010627
$ bhist -ln 5 986687
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