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Watching For Changes In The Mac Forwarding Table


touch .macwatch while [ -e .macwatch ] ; do sleep 10 NOW=`date '+%s'` echo $NOW for i in 251 252 253 ; do ~/ -c public sg250-$i | egrep '08:5b:0e:43:29:7c|00:0c:29:eb:14:c8' > $NOW.ssg250-$i diff $NOW.ssg250-$i ref.ssg250-$i if [ $? == 0 ]; then rm $NOW.ssg250-$i fi done done


  • obviously you need the script I've never released anywhere because I'm embarrassed by it.
  • this loops over a fragment of switch names; change to suit.
  • change the mac address(es) you want to watch accordingly.
  • ...and you'll have to set up the .ref files.
  • You can make the script stop by removing the .macwatch file.
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