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Performancing 1.0.1


Quick way to make a weblog post.


  • The posted title of the article has at least one leading space padding it. This makes it stand out perhaps unpleasantly in the plugin’s ‘history’ page.
  • I would rather see a list of categories on the right of the editing field rather than a list of blogs. I only have one blog. Categories are much more useful than a single list.
  • Category lists are not sorted.
  • I’d like it to pick a category by default, even if it was merely “the first one in the list”. Ideally I could configure which category by default it used.
  • It doesn’t make editor-friendly posts: the whole thing is one large mash of text, which will make revisions difficult. I like to see how things look, how they flow on the page, before moving on to something else.
  • WordPress has a More (page-break) button. I don’t use it very often, but I would like to have it available.
  • The History function is completely misleading. It brings up the post in the editor, which you can then change. It implies an ability to rewrite the past. However, when you hit Publish with your article, you get a re-wrapped (ie a text-mashed block), non-categorized new post with your updated text in it.
Overall, I think this is a tool for adding quick miniposts which are composed of a link and a brief comment; this tool will excel at this task.
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